NeedE is an on-demand fuel delivery mobile app concept that we designed for our client. This innovative app allows users to request gas and have their automobiles’ gas tanks filled at their home, office, or any preferred location whenever they want.

How it Works

The NeedE mobile app operates akin to Uber for fuel. Users can skip the fuel station by downloading and registering on the app, enabling them to request gas delivery. The app automatically tags their vehicle’s location but also allows manual selection for alternative refueling points. Fuel drivers, equipped with the NeedE app, navigate to the tagged location via inbuilt maps, ensuring a safe and compliant refueling process. Payment is conveniently deducted from the chosen method at the time of the fuel delivery request

Key Features

1. Find fuel pilot

1. Find fuel pilot

With the NeedE mobile app design, locating a Fuel Pilot is as easy as a few taps. Our app connects you with experienced Fuel Pilots in your vicinity who will ensure your vehicle is refueled promptly and efficiently. Our mobile app development team has crafted an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of finding a Fuel Pilot, making it a seamless experience for users.

2. Choose

NeedE offers you the freedom to select your preferred location for refueling. Whether you want gas delivered to your home, office, or elsewhere, the choice is yours, making refueling a convenient and personalized experience with our mobile app development. Our Android mobile app development ensures that the location selection process is user-friendly and efficient, enhancing your overall experience.

3. Map Integration

3. Map Integration

NeedE leverages advanced map integration in this mobile app design to facilitate smooth navigation for our Fuel Pilots. They can easily locate your vehicle and reach you promptly, ensuring a hassle-free refueling experience with our Android mobile app. Our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology into our Android app design ensures precise and efficient navigation for our Fuel Pilots, ensuring timely fuel delivery.

4. Built-in Wallet

Our app features a built-in wallet for seamless and secure payment processing. Add your payment method of choice, and rest assured that your transactions are swift and hassle-free, thanks to our Android mobile app development expertise. The built-in wallet in our mobile app design ensures that your financial transactions are safe and convenient, providing peace of mind to users.

Technology Stack

Adobe XD

Adobe Xd is used to design the ui/ux and prototype of the application


Flutter framework is used to develop this system

Android Studio

We have used Android Studio to write Dart code to develop this application


Dart Programming Language is used to build this application for android and iOS


For backend and admin panel,  PHP is frequently used throughout the web app

mysql logo

 MySQL is default database that is bundled with server and used to store data and APIs

Client's Review


Crecode has been an integral part of my branding work. Their graphic designer turned my ideas into clean, eye-catching, and professional designs that continue to wow my customers and employees. Crecode's strongest point is its willingness to take creative risks and come up with something new in order to provide a premium product that progressively outperforms our expectations while remaining true to our brand. Thank you so much for all you bring to the table!



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