Property Flip Calculator

Quickly and easily determine whether an investment property is a good deal with the Navid Moosa Real Estate Investing Calculator. The app will help you expand your portfolio and maximize rental income. With this tool, you can be confident in your investment decisions.

Property Flip Calculator

Real Estate Investing Calculator

This Real Estate Investing Calculator is by Navid Moosa (a USA-based real estate agent). This calculator will give you the power to make an informed decision on property investment.

The Navid Moosa REI Calculator will be a helpful tool for you.
Whether you’re a new investor who wants to learn how to analyze properties or an experienced professional looking to simplify your decision-making, you can utilize the benefits of this calculator.

How it works

Estimate wholesale offer price:
Input projected repair costs, closing costs, holding costs, and projected after-repair value. And they will calculate an offer through this application.


Assess plans for a flip:
Use this property flipping app to determine whether a house flip will achieve your target return on investment (ROI).


Analyze rental property value:
Enter current and projected rental numbers with projected expenses to evaluate the rental property value and gain leverage in negotiation.


Calculate Cash Flow Return:
It is the key to your current and projected capitalization rate and income. And this real estate investment app will determine your cash flow return.


Property Flip Calculator


Property Flip Calculator
property FLIP

Determine whether a house flip will achieve your target ROI.

Property Flip Calculator

Evaluate rental property value and gain leverage

Property Flip Calculator

Calculate your cash flow return

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