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General Digital Marketing Questions

What Kind of Services Can a Digital Marketing Agency Provide?

Website development, graphic designing, content writing, branding, SEO, Google Ads, and social media involvement are just a few of the services that a digital marketing agency can offer.

What Types of Customers Do You Serve?

We usually work with both B2B and B2C clients who have a small or extremely large business, generate any type of income, and looking for their growth.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing services are worthwhile investments because they are becoming increasingly premium, highly efficient, and may assist you in gaining an independent perspective on issues. Employing a digital marketing firm further allows you access to their promotional tools, proven and tested marketing methods, and cutting-edge technology.

How Can I Market My Company Using Social Media?

While having a presence on social media is important for all businesses, each business will have unique social media demands and tactics. Like some, LinkedIn will be the finest business platform, while for others, Facebook may be the best option. To figure out which platform is appropriate for your company, you must first figure out who your target audience is and what your social media goals are.

Is There a Distinction Between Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising?

Businesses can use digital marketing to increase brand awareness, communicate product information, engage with customers, and monitor their online reputation. Businesses can use digital advertising to market and advertise products, give discounts or promotions, and attract buying customers. Simply said, digital marketing creates a target consumer audience, and digital advertising converts that audience into customers.

Web Design and Development Questions

How Much Long Would It Take to Create a Website?

This is entirely dependent on your requirements. First, we’ll collect the requirements from you and then analyze these. After that, we will be able to estimate time and cost. A 100-page mega-site takes longer to construct than a brochure-style site with eight pages.

What Exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform that website designers and developers use to create websites. It has all of the versatility and capability we require, allowing you to effortlessly update your site with fresh material. We, like millions of other business owners, adore it.

What is the Definition of Web Hosting?

For you to have your website online, you'll need web hosting. Hosting is the rented area where your web files are kept and where your user’s data is stored.

How can a Website Boost Sales?

A website's major method of increasing sales is to provide customers with a convenient option to shop for items and services. Businesses can entice customers to transition from window shopping to purchasing by using pop-up promotions and dedicated online pricing.

Is It Truly Necessary for Me to Have a Website?

Yes! Although word of mouth is powerful, the majority of customers seek and research firms digitally before buying a product. Your company's legitimacy and brand awareness are enhanced by having an internet presence. Furthermore, websites can be used for a variety of marketing methods, such as e-commerce, online customer support, and consumer involvement.

Is It Possible for Me to Get My Own Domain?

Go ahead and do it. We'll take it from there once you've figured up your domain. However, if you require assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mobile App Development Questions

What Businesses Have You Worked with?

We've helped entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries, including eCommerce, education, finance, healthcare, entertainment, real estate, non-profits, etc.

Can You Develop Both iOS and Android Apps?

Yes, the majority of the apps we create are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Because it's typical for clients to desire their apps to run on both web and mobile devices, we use Flutter development, which allows us to support both platforms quickly.

How Long, Does It Take to Complete the App Development Process?

A corporate app takes at least seven weeks to develop on average. In general, the length of the procedure is determined by the app's intricacy and the functionality you desire.

How Does Cross-Platform App Development Differ From Native App Development?

We use the default language and IDE for both Android and iOS in native application development, namely JAVA/Kotlin with Android Studio for Android and Objective C, Swift with Xcode for iOS. Cross-platform is a framework that allows you to code once and delivers your application to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

How Can I Keep Track of the Project's Progress?

We'll offer you access to the project management platform we use, as well as our contact information, email, and Skype ID, so you can keep track of the progress of the project.

What is Your Standard Procedure for Developing Mobile Apps?

The following is an outline of our app development process.
● Analyzing Requirements
● Wireframing & Designing
● Development
● Testing
● Deployment
● Support and Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization Questions

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In search engine optimization, modifications and tactics are used considering Google algorithms, so your webpage ranks higher on SERPs. One of these strategies is to ensure that you have proper heading tags to tell about your products or services.

What Exactly Are Keywords?

While searching for solutions, knowledge, products, or services, searchers employ keywords and phrases to find relevant sites, photos, videos, or any other type of information using search engines. When structuring content for search, SEO specialists evaluate keywords and the topics they recommend.

What is the Significance of SEO?

Search provides the bulk of web traffic, and those who arrive via search have a higher standard of quality interest than those who arrive via other channels.

Should I Do PPC as well?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an excellent way to augment your SEO work and increase targeted visitors. A smart agency would suggest PPC on a case-by-case basis, depending on your website, industry, and the competition of the keywords you wish to target

Is SEO a Time-Consuming Process? How Soon Will I Begin To See Traffic Increase?

A rise in ranks usually leads to an increase in traffic. You'll notice incremental improvements in website visitors as your rankings rise. Improved rankings and traffic do not appear overnight; it takes a while to conduct the necessary adjustments and have those indexed before you see these improvements.

Social Media Marketing Questions

What Social Media Metrics Should I Track?

Your company's social media metrics for measuring performance or identifying possibilities must be based on your strategic goals. Impressions, Engagement, Mentions, Social Referral Traffic, and Followers are some of the common metrics for measuring social media marketing effectiveness.

What Are the Best Social Media Networks for Me to Use?

It's easy to get caught up in the buzz surrounding emerging social media platforms, but each one demands time, effort, and money to efficiently fulfill your business objectives. To begin, pick a few that fit best and write regular, high-quality postings to leverage on them.

What Are Some of the Most Prevalent Problems with Social Media Marketing Strategies?

Many companies fail to provide content that is tailored to each channel. Although cross-posting on Facebook and Twitter might be useful, we suggest at the very least improving the descriptions of your posts for each site.

What Has Happened to Market Techniques as a Result of Social Media?

Social networking is now an essential component of any successful digital marketing campaign. Many companies are using social media for marketing, then pay for ads on the platform to boost efforts. It has had a significant impact on design and video strategy, as viewers today want the information to be delivered swiftly.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Social Media Marketing?

At the very least, social media can help you raise brand awareness and establish a community of potential customers. At best, social media can be a significant source of revenue. It acts as a discussion starter. It's one of the most effective ways to make customers feel like they're a part of your company, which encourages them to buy.

Content Writing Questions

What is the Secret to Successful Content Writing?

There's a lot of ineffective and irrelevant stuff out there. That's why I think of article writing as a method to help people. It's a way to keep them informed, support them, and assist them by sharing some expertise or insight you've gained along the route.

Are Your Blog Posts Are Optimized for Search Engines?

We have a lot of expertise in writing articles and blog posts that are SEO-friendly. As a result, whatever keyword target you have in mind, we'll take better care of it. So, all you have to do is let us know in the request short, and we'll take care of the rest.

Would You Be Able to Explain How Your Services Work?

Basically, tell us what you want to be written, and we'll research and write you a unique, dynamic, and interesting blog/article, whether you want to order even one blog or hire us on a longer-term basis. We'll send you an estimate once you've read it and approved it. Simple, straightforward, and effective.

Is It Possible For You to Create Online Content For My Specialized Business?

Entirely convinced. With a little guidance from you, we can write rich sources for your special website. We will ask you important questions to better understand your business, setup, and services because every project is unique.

What is the Concept of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a technique for promoting a product or service. It provides relevant, useful information with the goal of captivating readers and motivating them to take action.

Do You Provide Image-Based Content?

Certainly, we do, and all you need to do is mention it when placing your order. We also provide image links for your convenience.

Graphic Design Questions

What Exactly Does a Graphic Designer Do?

A designer is a person who communicates your concept, business, or solution to the rest of the world. A designer will blend your message with aspects such as color, font, line, space, shape, and harmony to create a polished marketing package for your company or organization, based on their training or expertise as an impact and challenging goal.

What Role Do I Play in the Design Process?

The design brief is always the most significant input. It will help us to understand your needs, target audience, design intent, and intended application. We won't be capable of completing your project on schedule until you provide those details.

Can You Use Illustrations in Your Design?

We may use an illustration element depending on the sort of graphics being developed. Minimal icons to more sophisticated color graphics are all possible. Remember that the more colors used in a logo, the more expensive it may be to print.

What's the Difference Between Design Versions and Design Revisions?

Multiple design directions or creative directions might be thought of as design versions. For example, a food company may be offered logo variations that include imagery of meals, a waiter, and a knife. For one business, there are different logo variants or conceptions. We tweak or change your pick once you've limited it down to one or a few concepts from the numerous provided. Modifications to the logo's color, font, and proportions are common, although the logo's concept is rarely altered.

What is the Best Way to Use Vector Files?

You may access, alter, and edit scalable and flexible vector logo files with applications like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, or CorelDRAW.



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