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We have a skilled group of professional developers and designers that have hands-on expertise in creating solutions utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology. Therefore, if you’re seeking to hire a dedicated developer, your quest stops here.

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With us, you may hire dedicated developers that are well-versed in all aspects of developing state-of-the-art software solutions. At Crecode, we ensure that you get high-quality Web development and mobile application solutions that position you as a market leader in your industry. You may hire dedicated developers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis, short-term or long-term for top IT solutions.

Project handled by a dedicated staff

Due to transparent project management, progress monitoring tools, and easy communication methods, clients maintain complete control over the project's delivery and collaboration. The advantages of the dedicated team approach are numerous.

Straightforward On-boarding

You may create your own team and tailor it to your specific requirements and budget. You may combine experienced and young experts to ensure that your costs do not exceed your budget while also ensuring that the important job is filled by a competent and experienced individual.

Signing an NDA and a contract

We guarantee security and strict adherence to confidentiality. By signing an NDA, we guarantee that we will provide the source code at the moment the project is submitted.

On-time, high-quality delivery

Our team follows an agile approach for product development, which guarantees that the project is completed within the financial constraints and scheduled deadlines specified in the budget.

Cost Effective

The expenses of hiring experts, management, and other perks, as well as infrastructure and system requirements, add up to a considerable amount. Additionally, this model is extremely transparent, and there are no hidden fees, as other models often do.

Technology Stacks

Give us the idea and we will show you the right resources.

We are dedicated to assisting your business with services and solutions such as website development, mobile application development, web design, internet of things (IoT) application development, wearable application development, software product development, and content management system development, among others.

Mobile Apps

We creates commercial and custom mobile apps for any devices and platform, ensuring a seamless and immersive mobile experience


Managing the eniter marketing process. We research how to help businesses flourish, from large corporations to young start-ups.


Get creative and promotional graphics for your business or organization by our professional designers.


We have a lot of experience with logos, websites, and social media platforms for a wide range of products and services.

Web Development

Establish brand identity build credibility with exceptional website.


The Best SEO company, Crecode IT Professionals is committed to driving more traffic to your business and making it successful

Our Engagement Models

The Industries We've Worked With.

Full Time

8 hours/day


4 hours/day

Hourly Basis

Starts with 40 hours Pay

Offsite Development team

Hire the developers from our pool of committed talent and create your own team to boost your project. You can save big cost on training and retaining employees by hiring dedicated development team.

Onsite Development team

We offer onsite team of experienced professional who have great domain expertise. You will get cutting-edge web developers, known for their security, scalability and advanced features.

Product Development team

It is better to hire dedicated product development team instead of opting for a fixed cost models. We implement the best development practices while fulfilling your business requirements efficiently.


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Application Development Company?

Our mobile application development business has an elite team of UI and UX designers, ensuring that your mobile application stands out among the thousands. Delivering quality, being committed to excellence and timeliness, employing experienced experts, and adhering to established work ethics are our primary benefits and reasons for customers to choose us.

What If It Is Discovered That My Entire Project Can Be Developed on Android & iOS? How Is The Engagement To Be Conducted?

Our engagement and marketing services are distinct from those offered by other mobile application development companies. We assist with the publication of your app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, as well as with SEO, advertising, campaigning, content creation, and other marketing basics.

How Can I Assume That My Mobile App's Data Security Is Robust?

By signing an NDA, we guarantee that we will provide the source code at the moment the project is submitted.

Is CreCode Able To Provide The Required Service Once My Mobile Application Is Released To The Market?

Our first goal is to listen to our clients. Because we think that strong relationships produce good outcomes, we help our customers and offer services as often as they want. We are a mobile application development firm committed to developing services of the highest quality and assisting businesses in every way possible.

Should I Develop My App On Both The Android And iOS Mobile Platforms Or On Just One Of Them?

Android is the greatest platform for user acquisition, whereas iOS is the finest platform for revenue generation. The decision is entirely dependent on the project's needs and vision.

What Steps Does Your Company Take During The Mobile App Development Process?

Analysis of requirements, wireframing, development and design, quality assurance, testing, and deployment. We discuss the budget once; the customer accepts the wireframes and requests that development begins. Our mobile application development company adheres to the core work cycle and delivers outcomes that matter.

What services can a specialized CreCode software development team provide my business?

A specialized team of resources can assist with a variety of services, including branding, web and mobile application development, and MVP strategy consulting. Additionally, we provide a one-stop shop for product and project management, as well as DevOps and blockchain. A specialized software team may specialize in any of these or other services.

What is the difference between a dedicated frontend development team and a dedicated backend development team?

Software engineers are often classified into two different groups in the technology world i.e frontend and backend developers. The distinction is in the focus. A frontend engineering team is in charge of the user interface, interactive features, and everything else that a user of an app or website will view and engage with. Whereas a team of backend developers manages the non-visible elements of the site. They provide communication between web pages, apps, and databases. They are responsible for the servers, functionality, and administration that support the user experience. Frontend and backend teams collaborate but operate on opposite ends of the spectrum.

How large is a typical dedicated software development team?

Dedicated software teams may be as small as one person or as large as twenty or more. A team of skilled technology experts may vary in size depending on the services required, the duration of the project, and the anticipated IT budget. At CreCode, you'll have access to the world's greatest resources of IT expertise to meet your software engineering requirements.

How can I ensure the security of my intellectual property when I hire a team of specialized software developers?

At CreCode, we place a premium on protecting your intellectual property. IP rights are safeguarded through secure servers and a committed team of experts. Your specialized software development staff will be just as committed to security as they will be to creating your intellectual property.

Who will be my specialized software developer, and what qualifications do they possess?

We hire only the most qualified and competent specialists at CreCode. Many have five, ten, or even fifteen years of expertise in information technology. We will assemble a team of individuals that match your company culture and have created software that is used by billions of people globally.

What sectors do specialized CreCode software developers excel in, and what differentiates CreCode developers?

CreCode developers have created software, websites, and mobile applications for a variety of businesses. We excel in projects involving real estate, healthcare, and finance. Nonetheless, our diverse staff of rock-star engineers is capable of tackling any software project. This is what distinguishes us. At CreCode, our specialized software teams take a holistic approach, using each team member's vast expertise.

How much does dedicated software development cost on average?

Budgeting for software development may be very variable. This is because each customer and project have a unique set of services and team members’ requirements. Human resource management and recruitment are completely free. After creating your dedicated software team, a set monthly cost will be established depending on the size of the team, the services provided, and the anticipated duration of the project.

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